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Connexion olymptrade

Connexion olymptrade


. The Company has the right to suspend the services’ provision to the Client at any time (prior notice to the Client is not required).

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Sur la droite se trouve un panneau où vous pouvez ajuster les paramètres de la transaction à venir. Et juste en dessous du graphique, vous avez la possibilité de suivre les positions ouvertes, d 8767 analyser l 8767 historique, de créer une demande en attente ou de vous inscrire à un webinaire.

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. The Company is not responsible for breach (improper fulfillment) of its obligations specified in the Agreement if such breach was caused by force majeure events or other exceptional situations stated in the Agreement or its appendices.

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. Trading Signals: information about the state of the market gathered by the Company based on analytical conclusions the Company is entitled to provide at its discretion to some or all Clients with respect to certain market indicators. Trading signals are neither an offer nor the Company’s explicit recommendation to Clients to engage in trading transactions or to make trades. The Company is not liable for the accuracy of Trading signals and for the Client’s trading transactions and trades based on Trading signals. The Clients may, at their discretion, consider or ignore Trading signals when making trading transactions and trades.

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. Asset (Underlying asset): the underlying financial instrument of an Fixed Time Trade.. An asset may be a share in a company, market index, currency pair (the exchange rate of one currency to another), a commodity listed on a market, an Option on a commodity, etc.

. The Subject of the Agreement is the definition of the general conditions regarding execution of transactions (making trades) by the Company, the content and procedures for which are established in the Agreement. The Company establishes the conditions of transactions (trades) and may amend the essential terms at its own discretion, may introduce restrictions on the number of transactions simultaneously made and introduce restrictions on the number of trades the Client can make within a time frame established by the Company, and other restrictions on trading at its discretion.

. The Client must carefully review the terms of the Agreement. By accepting the terms of the Agreement, the Client agrees to the terms of all appendices listed above, including the terms on the subdomains of the Company’s website that are available to the Client. The Client also confirms that he/she is a legally capable adult and is not a resident of a country where trading in Fixed Time Trade may be deemed to be illegal. The Client also represents and warrants the following items to the Company.

. Recurring Payment: a periodically repeating transaction to replenish the Balance of the Client’s Account without reentering of the banking details by the Client.

. After successful registration, the Client will be granted access to the Trading Terminal, the possibility to deposit funds to the Client’s Account (make a security deposit into the Client’s Account in order to conduct Fixed Time Trades) and to execute other transactions.

. The Company is not responsible in the event of a discrepancy between the information displayed in the Client’s Trading Terminal and the information on the Company’s server in the process of defining the financial result of the Client’s trades. To resolve such discrepancy, the Company will adjust the data in the Trading Terminal in accordance with the information available on the Company’s server.


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